Raciborz Dolny Reservoir (dry polder) on the Oder river


The Raciborz Dolny Flood Protection Reservoir on the Oder River is one of the key elements of the Oder River Valley flood protection. It is being created under the Oder 2006 Programme, as part of a passive and active flood protection system. The total capacity of the Raciborz Dolny Polder will amount to 185 million m3. Its construction represents the second stage of the Project (the first step was the already completed Bukow Polder).

Phase III - the conversion of the reservoir from the dry polder into a multifunctional water storage reservoir – will start in 40 to 50 years, after the exhaustion of the gravel deposits located in the area of the future reservoir’s bowl.

The reservoir of an area of 2.626 ha will be able to accomodate 185 million m3 of water in Phase II, and 320 million m3 in Phase III (150 million m3 of usable capacity and 170 million m3 of flood reserve). It will be about 10 km long and 4 km wide. The reservoir will reduce the impact of the Oder and Neisse Rivers on the creation of flood waves, which caused severe damages and losses during the great flood of 1997. The impact of the flood protection of the reservoir, along with the Bukow Polder, will reach from Raciborz Town to Wroclaw City. The reservoir capacity will allow to reduce the flood waters discharge:

  • with 48-hour forecast of inflow to the reservoir – from 3,120 m3/s to 1,538 m3/s
  • with 24-hour forecast of inflow to the reservoir – from 3,120 m3/s to 1,800 m3/s


Client:Location:Scope of works:
Regionalny Zarzad Gospodarki Wodnej w Gliwicach Silesia Voivodship, Raciborz District, (Krzyzanowice and Kornowac Communities), Wodzislaw District (Lubomia and Gorzyce Communities), frontal dam and main hydraulic facilities on the grounds of Raciborz Town, Poland conceptual design, feasibility study (in Consortium with Jacobs Gibb and Jacob Gibbs Polska), hydraulic modelling studies, preliminary and detailed designs, EIA report, update of the designs.

Implementation period: 1997-2015
Value of the project: PLN 1.337 billion

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